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What do I need to bring with me?

Your room: In addition to your personal belongings, you will need to bring bedding (pillows, a duvet or blankets, pillowcases and sheets) and towels. You will be required to clean your room, therefore ensure you have some cleaning products. Self-catered shared kitchens: Shared kitchens in self-catered accommodation are equipped with appliances such as cookers, microwaves, refrigerators, toasters & kettles. You should bring cooking equipment (i.e. pots, pans) and dining utensils (i.e. cutlery, cups, plates etc). These items must be Portable Appliance Tested before use. Please note, shared kitchen windows have a safety device which prevents you from opening them fully (health and safety regulations).

Do I have to pay a damages deposit?

Yes, please refer to the damage section of the student guide for further information on deposits and damage.

What is included in my accommodation fee?

Your accommodation fee will cover the cost of your room, all heating and lighting and the use of the hall facilities for the occupancy period. WiFi is an integral part of your room and cannot be separated from your accommodation fee.

What is my online account and what is it used for?

Your online account provides a streamlined 24 hour access for you to manage your account with us. You can report a repair, check your accommodation fee balance & anything else related to your account. The portal works with all internet browsers and any device, you just need an internet connection. You’ll need your agreement number to register which we will give you. Click here to register Already registered? Click here to log in

Do I need insurance?

Yes it is advisable that you do. We cover the insurance for the building itself however you will require ‘contents’ insurance for your personal items in your room.

How do I report a repair?

Please report any repairs using your online account or if you are unable to log in, please email us on universityliving@svhs.org.uk. Tell us what you need repairing, your room number & floor and also send photos if possible. If your repair is an emergency or you require an ‘out of hours’ service (before 8.30am & after 5.00pm & weekends) call 01684 272727 and select option 1. The recorded assistant will take you through the further options.

What do I do if I (or one of my visitors) break or damage something in my room or any communal area?

You need to let us know if you cause any damage in order that it be repaired. You may be charged depending on whether you have caused the damage deliberately or by misuse. For example, if you spill liquid on your mattress causing it to be unusable, we would charge you for the cost to replace the mattress & the time spent by the operative to replace it.

What if there is damage in a communal area and no-one appears to know who has caused it?

If there is damage caused in any area (eg – the TV screen in the kitchen being smashed) and no-one takes responsibility for the damage; we will split the cost of the repair equally between each ‘flat’.

What am I not allowed in my room?

The following are not permitted within your bedroom (this is not an exhaustive list, but should give you an idea of what is not allowed – we need these restrictions for safety reasons and to ensure that the hall facilities are maintained in good order):
  • use of cooking or heating equipment (e.g. deep fat fryer)
  • washing lines
  • drying of wet washing (use laundry facilities as provided)
  • use of naked flames (e.g. candles and oil burners)
  • authentic or replica weapons of any sort
  • air guns or paintball guns
  • use of spray paints, glues etc. used for working on art/design projects
  • moving or rearranging furniture or introducing additional furniture
  • keeping of pets
  • dart boards
  • storing of bicycles, surfboards or other large outdoor equipment
  • displaying or hanging items at windows
You are not allowed to make any structural changes to your room or attach anything to the furniture or walls, such as hooks or rails. For electrical safety reasons, if you intend to bring more than one personal computer or a large number of electrical appliances to the hall, you must inform Severn Vale Housing Society.

What do I do if I cannot pay my accommodation fees?

If, for any reason, you are unable to pay your accommodation fees, you must contact Severn Vale Housing Society immediately. We urge any resident with financial difficulties, however large or small, to seek advice without delay, as non-payment of your hall fees can result in proceedings to recover the debt and possession proceedings for the room.

I no longer require the room, will my deposit be refunded?

If you no longer require your room, please contact Severn Vale Housing Society with the reason for no longer requiring the room. Depending on the reason why and the timescales involved, we may or may not refund your deposit.