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This section will soon be updated with information for the 2018/19 academic year.

When can I move into my accommodation at Regency Hall ?

You will have been advised of your allocated day & time to arrive at Regency Hall. Please ensure you arrive within the agreed time slot. Please advise us on universityliving@svhs.org.uk or call on 01684 852007 if you are unable to arrive on this date.

How do I get to Regency Hall?

Regency Hall is located on Fishers Lane, GL52 2NY.

Where can my family/friends park to unload on arrival?

There is no parking at Regency Hall. Please pack your belongings appropriately that they be moved into your accommodation quickly. Please park along Winchcombe Street (with Regency Hall on your left) We will have staff available on hand to assist you so look out for us. We would then advise you to park in a nearby car park immediately. There is parking available nearby at the following locations:
  • Sherborne Place – GL52 2RS – Pay & display
  • Town Centre East – GL52 2SA – Pay & display
  • The Brewery – GL50 4EJ – Pay when you leave

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Bedding & towels
  • Duvet & pillows
  • Pots, pans, crockery & cutlery (Fridge / freezer, toaster, kettle & microwave & vacuum cleaner are provided in the kitchens)
  • Toiletries
  • Cleaning products (you will be required to clean your own room & en-suite)
  • Your own personal items
Check the student guide for items that you should not bring with you to Regency.

What will happen when I arrive?

Firstly, we will show you your designated room & kitchen. You will be required to check that all is in good order & sign an inventory to this effect. You’ll be issued your keys & shown where the laundry room, bike shed & bin area are located too. In addition, you will be shown what to do in the event of a fire and how to leave the building as quickly / safely as possible should this ever happen.

What will my postal address be?

Your postal address will be your name, room number and then the following: Regency Hall Fishers Lane Cheltenham GL52 2NY Post will be delivered to the post box in the bike shed (by the entrance gate on the left) and will require to be collected & placed in the pigeon holes for each room. If you have a parcel to be delivered, it is your responsibility to arrange collection from the delivery driver at the entrance.

What’s included in my accommodation fee?

All utilities & WiFi are included. You will need to purchase your own contents insurance & TV licence if you have a TV / device in your room where you record live TV / download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer. Please visit http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk for more information.

When is my accommodation fee due & how do I pay it?

If you are a student, your accommodation fee is due in advance per term by automatic re-occurring payment or bank transfer. The payment due dates are as follows:- 1 month payment before you move in, due in the amount of £440.00, payable by debit card or bank transfer – Barclays 20-20-15 20664871. Please use your tenancy number as your reference (if you have it) or ‘RH-Room Number-Your Surname’ 1st instalment – due 9/10/2017 – amount due £880.00 2nd instalment – due 15/01/2018 – amount due £1320.00 3rd instalment – due 16/04/2018 – amount due £1320.00 (Please note, these above figures are for the 2017/18 year. Figures will be updated as appropriate closer to the next academic year. Contact us for more info.) If you are not a student, your first monthly payment is to be paid by debit card or bank transfer & is due before your move in date. All subsequent payments are to be paid by Direct Debit per month in advance. You will be advised of the amount payable before you move in. The accommodation fees are payable for the period 17/9/2017 to 23/6/2017 (40 weeks)

What is my online account and what is it used for?

Your online account provides a streamlined 24 hour access for you to manage your account with us. You can report a repair, check your accommodation fee balance & anything else related to your account. The portal works with all internet browsers and any device, you just need an internet connection. You’ll need your agreement number to register which we will give you. Click here to register Already registered? Click here to log in

Are there any lifts at Regency Hall?

Yes there are. Regency Hall has 5 floors and the lift will be in operation at the beginning & end of term to enable you to move in & out of your accommodation with ease. For the rest of the time the lift will not be in use. This is due to misuse by previous residents in the past.

Do I have to clean my room myself?

You are responsible for keeping your room clean. From time to time we will inspect your room to make sure that it is kept in good order. We will let you know when we are going to do this.

Who cleans the kitchen?

We have cleaners who will clean the kitchens & communal areas. They are not responsible for clearing up day to day mess, or doing your washing up. You will be expected to do this. If you see a spill, clean it up please.

How do I access the internet in my room once I have moved in?

Regency Hall has WiFi and you can access this facility by going into your WiFi settings, selecting the access point & inputting the WiFi ID. We will advise you of the information required to do this when you arrive.

How is my room heated?

The room heating is provided by an electric panel heater usually located under the desk. For the heater to operate, the heater spur switch located on the plastic trunking mounted above the desk must be turned on, the heater will then run to a preset temperature controlled by the electronic thermostat. If a higher temperature is required, the boost button located by the room light switch can be pressed. This will raise the room temperature for a set period.